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Pregnancy Tips: How to Stay Cool This Summer

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I’ve been pregnant through the heat of summer both times and it’s not fun. The little bundle of joy you are carrying is a radiator and it can be tough going in the warm weather.

I asked some of my friends to share their best tips on how to stay cool when pregnant this summer.

They are not all practical (Merry) but some are very funny!

 Umbrella up, cool drink and feet in the paddling pool Carolin Mader

Don’t be pregnant. No nookie after September until January. True story Merry Raymond

I used a product called Magicool and highly recommend it, don’t go out in the hottest hours and always try to wear light cotton clothing. Kelly Finn

Ceiling fans and fans in bedrooms, feet up and plenty of fluids Amy Sheridan

Feet in cool water, plenty cold drinks, shade and breeze. Ooh and when I was expecting I wore Evans special shorts made of tights material to stop chafing under dresses/skirts Becky Willoughby

Always wear thin layers built up, even when it seems like it’s not going to be a warm day, that way you can strip down layer by layer instead of being forced to choose between a jumper or a vest when the weather changes while you’re out and about.  Emily Leary

Stay out of the sun, or if you must then float in a body of water, like lake, sea, river, pool. Monika Mumonthebrink

My sister had a summer pregnancy and I remember her eating lots of ice! Samantha Beharry

A cooling foot spray to take out and about with you Denise

Have a cool water spray in the fridge and pop it into your bag if you are going out. Clare Nicholas

Giant paddling pool. Victoria Wallop

Fruit pastille lollies Natalie Hickey

What are your top tips?