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3 Things to Think about Before Starting a Blog

3 Things to Think about Before Starting

So you want to start a blog? Whether you want to start a personal or business blog there are a few things to think about before you write that first post.

What are you going to write about?

Is it a craft blog or a cycling blog?  Will you post only pictures or fill it with creative writing? Whatever you decide now is not set in stone but it will help shape your blog and guide you in in the next few decisions you have to make.

What are you going to call it?

This is one of the most important decisions you are going to make so think carefully. Bloggers often find they grow out of their blog names and then have the dilemma of whether to start a fresh or keep the name.

When I started my first blog over 5 years ago I called it New Mummy as at the time that’s what I was. Two years later I didn’t feel it represent me anymore and made the decision to start again but it was hard to leave behind a relatively successful blog.

Think about a name that represents you, if possible go with your name that way you can change the focus of your blog and keep the name.

Once you have a name in mind check online to see no one has the same as you or something very similar that can cause confusion. Don’t be tempted to change it slightly or add an s to the end to make it different as all you will do is confuse people with the similar names and annoy the original blogger.

Be original, be unique, be you!

Once you have the name. I would highly recommend you buy the domain for it. There are many domain buying sites such as 123 Reg or Go Daddy .

What platform are you going to use?

There are several blogging platforms to choose from. Most bloggers either use WordPress or Blogger. Both have their pros and cons.

If you are not very techy start with Blogger. Use your own domain name and then if later on you want to move you won’t lose all your links or you name as Blogger blogs end in and can’t use that on other platforms.

If you decide to go with WordPress I would recommend you go with the self-hosted platform.  You can buy monthly hosting really cheaply and you can use your domain name and you have more freedom on what you can do on you blog. TSOHost offers hosting from £1.25 a month.

Once you have answered those three questions you are ready to start you blog.

Blogging supposed to be fun, so go start your blog and enjoy it. If it becomes stressful you’re doing it wrong!

40 Things I Learnt at Britmums Live

40 Things I Learnt at Britmums Live

The sessions I attended at Britmums Live this year were really inspiring and packed full of great advice. Instead of writing up each session individually I thought I would share some of the thing I learnt from the conference.

Writing Recipes:

List ingredients in then order they are used

Test the recipe at least 3 times

Never copy and paste a recipe from someone else

If your recipe is inspired by someone then credit them

List equipment needed

If it’s a baking recipe indicate what size tin is needed


How To Make Your Blog Gorgeous:

Your header is your first impression; keep it crisp, clean and in keeping with your blog

Don’t overload your sidebar it distracts from your content

Use 2-3 colours only

Embrace whitespace

Think about your font style it needed to be readable

Keep your text and pictures in alignment



Create a life not a career

Take pictures in natural light

Think about composition

Be part of a community. Comment and like photos

Take part in weekly #’s

Keep # short

Use a maximum of 3-4 # per picture



Video mistakes include: Props left in camera view, inappropriate dress, wrong filming environment

Invest in tripods and lights to make your videos more professional looking

Edit your videos.

Use iMovie or YouTube to edit

Film in landscape

Have a script but don’t read from it

Make videos short and snappy around a minute or a half

Use the stats function in YouTube to see when your viewers stop watching


Tech Knowledge

Keep images below 640px

Back up your blog! Use plugins in WP or download your blog in Blogger using the backup/restore function in template

Use Copyscape to check if someone is using your content



It is not a social network it’s a social layer

Claim google authorship

Add yourself as a contributor to any publications you have written for

It’s all about your personal profile try to use that rather than pages if you can

Always post links in the link box not in the main content box

Use more text. Don’t be afraid to write more

510px is the magic number for G+ images

Always share to public first and then adapt and send to circles

Set up influencer circles



You can be a feminist and still wear a tiara!

Did you go to Britmums Live? What did you learn?

Britmums Live in Pictures

We sent our community manager and blogger Carol along to Britmums Live last month. Later this week she will be sharing her top blogging tips from the conference but today we thought we would share a few photos from the day.