Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies

We know how difficult it can be to choose Christmas gifts, there is so much to choose from and so many places to purchase it from.  Here at Kids One Stop Shop we have everything you need for your little and big ones!

To make it easier for you we have out together some gift guides and today we are starting with babies.

Gift Ideas for Babies

  1. Baby Comforter £7.99

  2. Catch All Baby and Toddler Bib – Reindeer £6.99

  3. 3.5 Tog Baby Winter Sleeping Bag with sleeves £19.99

  4. BoBo Buddies – Blanket Backpack £24.95

  5. Baby dribble bib by Babble Bib £3.50

  6. Baby Winter Booties £14.99

  7. Hungry Caterpillar Nappy Cake £65.99

  8. Disney FROZEN themed baby changing mat £10.99

  9. MyMo: Baby mobile with MP3 player and voice recorder £45.99

  10. Slumbertoes Baby Shoes £12.99

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