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10 Mother’s Day Colouring Sheets

Mother’s day is around the corner and we have found 10 great colouring sheets that not only keep the children entertained (hooray) but they double as a mother’s day gift (win, win). You could even frame them if you wanted to or provide some cute magnets so they can go on the fridge.


Happy Mothers Day from Coloring Cafe 


Mother’s Day Flowers and Heart by Coloring Online


Happy Mothers’ day Cake from Mothers Day Info 


Mother’s Day Quote from Doodle Art Alley 


Happy Mother’s Day Flower and Vase from 


I Love You Coloring Page from Activity Village 

Printable Happy Mothers Day Coloring in sheet

Happy Mothers Day from Fast SEO Guy (click print not download)


Happy Mother’s Day Heart by Holidays Galore 


You Are So Very Loved by Dawn Nicole 


Mother’s Day Colouring Card from Mum in the Mad House 

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5 Ways to Switch and Save

We are two months in to the New Year and let’s face it with the energy bills and Christmas not long over money can be a little tight, especially with half term around the corner.

We have a few ideas how you can switch and save money.

Switch Energy Suppliers


When was the last time you switch energy suppliers? On average you could save £301!

There are many sites you can use to compare energy tariffs and it’s really easy to switch.




Go Compare

Compare The Market

Just fill in your details and see what the best offer for your home is.

Switch Your Lightbulbs

Have you switched your light bulbs yet? Have you switched them to LED bulbs? LED cost a fraction of the price to run and last for years. Depending on the wattage you use and how many you have, you save hundred each year. They are more expensive but will pay for themselves very quickly. You could replace them slowly.

To work out how much you could save fill in the form at London Electric Design.

Switch Supermarket


If you haven’t converted to one of the discounter supermarkets you may want to consider giving Aldi or Lidl a try. There prices are much lower and the quality is really good, you can save quite a bit from your weekly shop.

Switch from Branded to Shop Own

If you are loyal to your supermarket then try switching from branded to shop own products or even giving some of the basic/everyday brands a try. We now use Sainsbury’s basic pasta as its only 33p a bag and tastes just like their standard pasta. Try something new each week, you’ll be surprised but what you will like and save.

Switch TV Supplier


It’s great to have a choice when you watch TV but Sky TV or Virgin Media is really expensive. We realised that we weren’t really watching many of the Sky channels and actually watched the freeview channels the most.  There were a few sky channels we couldn’t live without so we switched to NowTV so we still have Sky1, Sky Living etc. We also get all the sky boxsets and catch up TV and the entertainment package is £6.99 a month and you cancel anytime. We also have the movies for £8.99 a month and we get all the live sky movie channels and movies on demand.

We invested in a recordable freesat box and we save £168 a year and we only had the basic Sky package.

If you are not bothered about the sky channels then try Netflix or Amazon Prime for your boxset fixes. We also use the iplayer a lot, including the children who can watch their favourite programmes on demand.

What have you switched that saved you money?

5 Ways to Switch and Save