Book Review & Giveaway: Kids Don’t Come With a Manual

Parenting is not always easy and though as parents we largely rely on our gut instincts, it’s nice to have a little bit of advice now and then.

Carole and Nadim Saad have helped thousands of parents with their programme of practical ‘tools’ designed to empower parents to:

  • Deal with everyday parenting challenges without confrontation or anger.

  • Help children to become happy, fulfilled and self-reliant adults.

  • Maintain a strong and loving connection with children throughout their lives.

  • Agree on a balanced and more enjoyable approach to parenting.

They have written Kids Don’t Come With a Manual – The Essential Guide to a Happy Family Life together so all parents can have the tools to face every parenting challenge.

We really enjoyed this book; it’s spilt into 7 Chapters which cover most areas of parenting issues:

Chapter 1: How to prevent power struggles and other issues

Chapter 2: How to (re)connect with your children

Chapter 3: How to be a good role model to your children

Chapter 4: How to listen so children will want to talk

Chapter 5: How to talk so children will want to listen

Chapter 6: How to effectively deal with ‘mis’behaviour

Chapter 7: How to develop your children’s self-responsibility and emotional resilience

We found this book really easy to read and navigate. It’s full of practical advice and really makes you think about what kind of parent you are.

Kids Don’t Come With a Manual is released today and we have two copies to giveaway to celebrate.

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50 thoughts on “Book Review & Giveaway: Kids Don’t Come With a Manual

  1. Tina Hewitt

    Tell your child every day that you love them if they have done wrong still say I love you but I don’t like that you etc

  2. Sandra Lane

    Don’t try to be their best friend. You are the parent and you need to be the one who creates the rules and if necessary discipline your child.

  3. Darlene

    Remember – united you stand, divided you fall. Even if you disagree with what your partner says, don’t let the kids see that or they’ll quickly figure out who is the soft touch.

  4. Andrew Hindley

    Don’t wrap them in cotton wool as they grow up. Let them climb things, jump off things and generally play. Let them get dirty and don’t sterilise everything around them. They need contact with germs to build an immune system

  5. Rosalind blight

    Think before you say no, we are all so quick to say no but 90% of the time what they are asking arent unreasonable requests its just we all have such busy schedules we struggle to take time out

  6. James Donovan

    The best way to learn is by doing things yourself and learning from your mistakes. Failure is not always negative,only if you do not learn from your mistakes.

  7. Rachel Craig

    Give positive attention for positive behaviour. Enjoy spending time with your child / children. As they do love and respect you, they tend to need guidance, support, encouragement and happy experiences.


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