5 Ways to Save This Summer Holidays

5 Ways To Save This Summer

The kids are off school and they are bored and want to go out which means spending money. Summer can be an expensive time so here is some tips on how to save this summer.

Take Your Own Food

Food can be one of the most expensive parts of a family day trip so take your own. Pack a picnic and save those pennies (or pounds). Don’t go overboard with food as you could end up overspending. Pack each person their own pack lunch, get them to help so you pack what they like and there is no waste.

Leftovers are great for picnics, pasta, rice, chicken and potatoes can be eaten cold. We rather like cold lasagne!

Take Your Own Drinks

Bottles and cartons can be so expensive to buy especially if you are a larger family.  Pack your own drinks; pop them in the freezer the night before so they are extra cold. By the time you get to your destination they would have melted.

Check the venue you are going many have drinking water points where you can refill your drinks.

Buy Your Tickets Online

You can save up to 54% at some theme parks buy buying your tickets online. Always check before you go to see what offers they are running.

Check out our guide to the best offers this summer.

Free Events

Have a search for free local events. Checkout your local council website they should have a list of events.

Coca Cola are running Park Lives Events in Newcastle, Birmingham and the London Borough of Newham. Take part in these free activities including buggy fit, tai chi, bowling taster, Futsal, football and family fitness.

Embrace Second Hand

Keep your children entertained by embracing the charity shop. They are a treasure trove of toys, books and DVD’s. Give them £1 a see what they can get. They will love the challenge and will have something new to play with.

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