Alternative Easter Gifts

I have to admit I get a little twitchy at all the chocolate my girls get for Easter. Even when I ask for no chocolate they always seem to end up with tonnes.  So I tend to get them something different either Easter or spring inspired. A soft toy for the baby or something for the garden. Sunflower seeds and pots went down very well last year.

Here are our picks of the best alterative Easter gifts available on Kids One Stop Shop

 Alternative Easter Gifts

Top Row

Easter Patchfoot Rabbits

Purple Buggy Bunny

Baby Chick Costume

Middle Row

Toppy Turtle Gardening Tote

The Egg and Spoon Collection

Peel and Press Butterfly

Bottom Row

Chico the Chick Backpack

Strawberry Design – 22 Piece Wooden Picnic Set

Wooden Insect Jar with Magnifying Lid

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