Chinese New Year Recipes

Chinese New Year Recipes

Last week we shared some great Chinese New Year Crafts with you and they have proved very popular.

Today we have some quick and easy recipes for you to cook for Chinese New Year.

My favourite recipe and the reason I am cooking slow cooked pork this week so I can use the leftovers is Dim Sum Pork Buns. I use Jamie Oliver’s recipe (though this recipe uses chicken) and they come out perfect every time and don’t take very long to make. I often use only half the dough and freeze the rest for another day.

Chinese Dim Sum Pork Buns

Salt and Pepper Prawns take minutes to cook and so tasty.

Salt & pepper prawns

Chicken Chow Mein is a favourite of mine. Try Ching-He Huang’s recipe takes under 10 minutes to cook.

Egg Friend Rice is quick and simple to make and tastes so good. Give Channel 4 Foods recipe a go.

Egg fried rice

Tesco have a lovely recipe for Sesame Tofu.

 Sesame Tofu HERO

My Other Half made me the most amazing Chinese Beef and Mushrooms the other night. He followed the recipe from Blog Chef.

For something sweet try Chinese New Year Nian Gao. Et Speaks From Home has a great recipe for it.

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