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Check out Activity Village for lots of Easter fun! has a blooming brilliant range of fun things to make and do for toddlers and children – check out the lovely little Rocking Easter Chick!

Rocking Chick

Isn’t this rocking chick gorgeous? It’s easy to make, and fun for kids to display at Easter time.

You will need:

Paper plate
Yellow paint
Orange card
Googly eyes
Yellow feathers


Paint the back of a paper plate yellow and leave to dry.

Fold the paper plate in half with the paint to the outside.

Cut a triangle of orange card and fold it in half to form the beak. Glue the beak across the fold of the plate.

Glue on an eye and a few feathers for the wings to both sides of your rocking chick.

Activity Village also do a great selection of colouring in pages and craft activity printables… we love them! Check them out on the link above and enjoy hours of fun activities, arts and crafts with your little ones!


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Lunch Box Planning:

Lunch box ideas for your VIPs

Wow – the sunshine is out and spring may have finally sprung!

Lovely to see the blue skies and budding blossoms… we’re feeling summery and can’t wait to get out and about on our family trips. Until the weekend we thought we’d cheer up the children’s lunch boxes with these picnic inspired lunch box ideas…

Monday – Pitta bread pockets filled with cheese salad, bread sticks, satsuma, box of raisins. 

Tuesday – Home-made sausage roll, boiled egg, sliced carrots and cucumber, tomato, fruit bar.

Wednesday – Ham and salad leaf wrap, rice/oat cakes, grapes, banana, fruit yoghurt drink.

Thursday – Cheese spread and cucumber sandwich, unflavoured popcorn, apple, clementine, fruit flakes.

Friday – Chicken breast roll, baked vegetable crisps, carrot sticks, pear, dried apricots, yoghurt drink.

For lunch box ideas, information on healthy eating and lots of tasty and healthy snack suggestions check out:

Let us know what works for you… what’s your VIPs favourite lunch box filler? Sliced carrots, peppers and cucumber with a massive spoonful of houmous are my messy VIPs favourite!