Thrifty Tips: Start Meal Planning

We love meal planning. Not only is it great to be organised but it can save you lots of money on your grocery shop and here is how:

Always do a stock check before you do your grocery shopping, this will stop you buying duplicates of items you’ve already got. Use this as the basis of your meal plan.

Do a meal plan for the week, fortnight or month depending on how often you do your grocery shopping. Then make a list of all you need to buy, do forget check what you already have in. That way you only buy what you need and don’t end up with an excess of food.

Only buy what you need!! Don’t be swayed by special offers or you will end up excess food you don’t need.

Shop online if you can, it helps with that impulse shopping.

If you need meal planning inspiration look back at our meal plans we have plenty of them!

Happy meal planning.

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