Large Chocolate Easter Nest

Large Chocolate Easter Nest

Last week we experimented with making a large Chocolate Eater Nest. The small ones are very nice but sometimes you need something bigger.

It turned out really well and makes a great pudding. It would look great on your Easter table.

As we are so kind we thought we would share the recipe with you.


100g Rice Crispies

100g Milk Chocolate

20g Mini Marshmallows

Mini Chocolate Eggs

You will also need a shallow round cake tin/bowl/dish and cling film

How To Make

Line your dish with cling film this will make it easier to removed later

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler (bowl over a saucepan of simmering water)

Leave it to cool for a few minutes

Add the rice crispies and marshmallows to the collate and stir.

Spoon the mixture into your dish making sure to press it down so its compact

Add the mini eggs. Push them in lightly so they stick

Leave to set in the fridge for at least one hour. If you want it sooner pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes.


You can also use corn flakes or broken shredded wheat and add dried fruits. The combinations are endless.

Alternative Easter Gifts

I have to admit I get a little twitchy at all the chocolate my girls get for Easter. Even when I ask for no chocolate they always seem to end up with tonnes.  So I tend to get them something different either Easter or spring inspired. A soft toy for the baby or something for the garden. Sunflower seeds and pots went down very well last year.

Here are our picks of the best alterative Easter gifts available on Kids One Stop Shop

 Alternative Easter Gifts

Top Row

Easter Patchfoot Rabbits

Purple Buggy Bunny

Baby Chick Costume

Middle Row

Toppy Turtle Gardening Tote

The Egg and Spoon Collection

Peel and Press Butterfly

Bottom Row

Chico the Chick Backpack

Strawberry Design – 22 Piece Wooden Picnic Set

Wooden Insect Jar with Magnifying Lid

Easter Crafts and Activities

Easter Crafts & Activities

The Easter Holidays are upon us and we know it can be a long two weeks if the kids are kept entertained.

To make your life a little easier we have searched the internet form some great Easter Crafts and Activities for for you and your kids to do.

Try these Easter Nests they are easy to make and taste delicious.

We also have these two great Easter Colouring sheets for you to print off.

Easter Egg Colouring Sheets

Snaffles and his mummy have been making Easter Bunting. It looks likes a lot of fun.

Domestic Goddesque has two great activities for you to try. We are loving these Printed Spring Chick Cards.

TP print Easter Chick card with washi tape

These Bunny Cupcakes look amazing.

Bunny cupcakes

The Mum In the Madhouse has been making these super cute Felted Wool Easter Chicks.

This Bunny Matching Game from Activity Village looks like fun.

Bunny matching game

Why not make a Bunny Headband? Kids Parties have a free printout

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 Now its your turn to share your Easter Crafts and Activities. Just your link below

Funky Kids T-Shirts

Spring is here! It’s time to hide the winter clothes and embrace the warmer weather.

This of course means some new clothes for the children. We know that clothes shopping can be painful so we have pulled together some of our clothes to make it easier for you.

We thought we would start with t-shirts; you can never have too many t-shirts.

 Funky Kids T-Shirts

Top Row

Princess Petal Crown £36

Personalised Camera T shirt £17

Fresh Clothing’s “Lolly” Tee £12.99

Bottom Row

Escape The Circus £17

Star People T-Shirt £14.99

‘Suspect your Elders’ kids T Shirt £19

Mothers Day Craft Ideas

Mother's Day

Just over a week until Mothers Day which means there is still plenty of time for some homemade Mother’s Day gifts and crafts!

Try our simple Flower Bookmark. Its easy to make and we have a free printout for the flowers!


We love this felt heart pillow from Activity Village

Felt Heart Pillow

These Flower Cards from are super cute.

Flower card

These colourful Tissue Paper Stained Glass Frames from Ms Fultz’s Corner look like fun to make.

Now its your turn. Add your Mother’s Day Craft post to our link below and we will share it on twitter and Pinterest.

Make Your Own Mother’s Day Flowers Bookmark with Free Template

Mother's Day Bookmark

Mother’s Day is not far away and we all know a home-made gift from your child is the best gift.

Me and my daughter have been making these quick and easy flower bookmark for her Nana and aunts.

They are easy to do and are a nice way to spend an hour or so. We even have a template you can use!

You will need:

  • Paper (Coloured or White if you want to colour them yourself)

  • Large Lollipop Sticks 

  • Glue 

Optional: Glitter, colouring pens/pencils

To Make:

Print off the template below. You can either use coloured paper like we have or white and colour the flowers yourself. We choose two colours and mixed them up.

Mother's Day Bookmark Template

Download Here

Cut the flowers out and then stick the three layers together. At this stage you can add any embellishments like glitter or sequins.  Leave to dry.

Glue to the lollipop stick it and leave to dry.

Mothers Day Flower Bookmark

They make great Mother’s Day or Easter gifts.

You can also use the flowers to decorate a Mother’s Day Card.

If you do make please send a picture to our Facebook Page or Twitter account.